Okoro OMS-SX100 Media Center

Okoro Media Systems, world’s leading manufacturer of Digital Entertainment Systems, has recently unveiled its new OMX-SX100 Media Center. Known as an “Ultra Low Profile”, the new OMX-SX100 Media Center has been designed on AMD’s energy efficient Athlon X2 platform.

“Since the release of the low profile series in 2006, Okoro Media Systems has been working on delivering to our customers the next generation of ultra profile systems. Our customers want a powerful machine that can manage their media, playback Blu-ray titles as well as being green. We feel the SX100 will give them a feature packed Digital Entertainment System in a thin and elegant form factor.” Said Christopher Curry, VP of Sales & Marketing.

Featuring a 2GB RAM and a 45watt Dual Core AMD Processor, the new OMX-SX100 Media Center comes with a DVD Burner, OMS Slim Blu-ray Drive and 8-channel LPCM audio via HDMI. It is capable of handling the needs of customers with its 2.7-inch ultra low profile frame