Official Details Are Out Concerning Logitech Revue With Google TV

Since their recent announcement about Google TV, Logitech is underway with their plans for launch of the Revue. The company’s product page is currently live and accepting preorders for the $299 package, which is also available for $179 if you have Dish Network and shipping will start by month’s end. For the Revue with Google TV box, you can expect a keyboard with integrated touch and directional pad, an HDMI cable, one IR blaster and a couple of AA batteries as a simple power source.

Furthermore, a few screens of the free Logitech Harmony App for iPhone and Android are available for browsing use. In addition to this, a $149 webcam, the Revue-specific version of the diNovo Mini controller for $129.99 and other accessories are also available for preorder. A larger keyboard is available for $99 if you need an extra one as well. Then there’s the Logitech TV Cam, with Carl Zeiss autofocus lens and dual microphones, which is supported by a Logitech Vid HD app that has functionality with devices including PCs and Macs. Finally, Logitech also unveiled their own Media Player app, which handles video from connected hard drives or DLNA sources. Click here to watch a YouTube video demonstration of the the Logitech TV Cam, which features video calling and capabilities of the Revue.