Oerlikon Tiny Pico Projector


Oerlikon Optics, a global leader in optical component solutions in collaboration with Microvision, a world leader in laser scanning-based display and imaging products, released Microvision’s latest ultra-miniature projection display engine called PicoP™ that delivers color rich, high resolution and, large images. It is designed to get embedded in variety of applications and products in the automotive and consumer space. The technology is expected to be featured first in mobile devices.

Uwe Kruger, CEO of Oerlikon, stated that the joint development agreement with Microvision is a significant strategic addition to the business unit’s own technologies and products: “Microvision’s PicoP™ design represents the future direction of ultra-miniature mobile projection systems. It also is expected to open up new markets such as innovative vehicle displays and wearable displays with life-like 3D applications”.

Via: Businesswire