Odiaze ZQ31D luxury speakers

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Odizane, has recently brought out the new  luxury speakers. Designed to cater to the acoustic demands, the Odizae ZQ31D luxury speakers entail merging of the midrange/ treble column with the subwoofers box. This new product of Odizane is in fact a great combination giving you real identity and originality.

Its solid cabinetwork comes enhanced with 22 mm medium density fiberboard that includes filled cavity inside walls. Sporting a shape that improves asymmetrical decoupling with respect to the front panel, Odizae ZQ31D luxury speakers are capable of delivering an adequate volume level with no major visual impact.

The midrange horn comes mounted at an angle of 15 to give it a sturdy look. It is made up of aluminum. These speakers come with bass dispersion stand. Odizae ZQ31D luxury speakers are available in four eye-catching colors, green, yellow, silver and cream. Apart from these, there is a black gloss version available too.

Via: Odiaze