OCZ Core Series V2 SATA II SSD


The OCZ core series V2 SATA II SSD is coming up with huge 250GB capability to offer adequate storage to big media files in an effective way. It will also provide users high speed of up to 170MB/s read and 98MB/s write. The speed is good enough to for the core series V2 SATA II SSD, as it will work faster for both the Read/write and search for time act.

Core series V2 is designed to provide eventual steadfastness. It also possesses an outstanding 1.5 million hour mean time and promises of peace of mind for a long period. Moreover, customers can get the Core series V2 SATA II SSD along with a two year warranty for the maintenance of its defective parts and free services.

“OCZ continues the trend of enabling consumers with the latest in cutting edge solid state disc technology with the introduction of the new Core V2 SSD,” said Ryan Petersen, CEO of the OCZ Technology Group. “As SSD technology progresses, OCZ will continue to release updated and enhanced solutions to ensure our customers stay on the leading edge.”

OCZ device also supports mini-USB port that allows users to update the Core V2’s firmware to improve the compatibility with potential platforms. It also supplies the high-end SSDs at a 50% less cost per GB than any other high speed providing device. Customers can keep their laptop or desktop atmosphere quite cool with assistance of SSD drives, which has no more moving parts. The OCZ Core Series V2 SATA II SSD is indeed a wonderful series due to its awesome features.

Via: OCZ