Oasis Sells Sports HT and Outdoor Signature Seating


Do you want to have a different experience of baseball playoffs, even when you sit at home and watch on your 110-inch screen? The Sports HT and Outdoor Signature models are put on sale by Oasis Home Theater, which will offer unique sitting experience.

The Sports HT model supports looks of an old-time baseball stadium including seat and rear from one-piece, twofold-wall, gust-pattern plastic, as well as a choice of compact reflective plank design.

The latest Sports HT is available in a choice of four colors. The Sports HT chair is available at an MSRP of $300. Similar to Sports HT, the Outdoor Signature seating is a water-resistant alternative.

The Outdoor Signature seat looks like a cushier of 2-inch thick contoured back foam, as well as ergonomic foam settle cushion. In fact, it supports a 38-inch seat backside for enough comfort. The Outdoor Signature seat costs $600.