NOVAC MV-CM001U Cassette to Digital MP3 Converter

NOVAC Japan has rolled out their latest device that lets you convert the old audio tapes into Digital MP3s. The New cassette to digital MV-CM001U converter can be easily connected to your computer via USB. After installing the supplied software you will be ready to save your favorite audio cassettes in Digital format of your choice.

The Supplied Software allows to split tracks manually or automatically and offers MP3,WAV AND WMA formats as saving options. The NOVAC MV-CM001U functions both as a cassette player and a recorder. The converter also features an RCA input/output terminal. Using the RCA input with a VCR, Game controller, you can directly convert the recorded audio to digital format.


  • Available Media     Compact cassette
  • Wow and flutter     0.3%
  • S / N ratio     40db
  • Frequency response     100Hz – 8KHz
  • Input and output terminals     RCA plug
  • USB terminal     Inherited a B type connector
  • Power / Power Consumption     AC100V 50.60 HZ / 8W
  • Size / Weight     165 (W) x 135 (D) x 143 (H) mm / Approx 1.4Kg

The NOVAC MV-CM001U Cassette to Digital format converter is expected to hit the shelves of a store in Japan by 24th April at an open price.