Nordic Tone – Model 1 loudspeakers

Audivation has come up with its new Nordic Tone Model 1. This product has been designed to entertain you combing the precise sound of a studio monitor with an extremely tight and potent reproduction.

Sporting a sleek overall shape, Nordic Tone Model 1 has been designed to be three-way floor standing monitor. You get to enjoy an advanced technology for superior sound effect using Nordic Tone Model 1. This model is designed so as to blend naturally with a living room environment.

Nordic Tone Model 1 makes use of the finest quality and interaction between the components that are optimized for uncolored sound reproduction. Using all the latest technologies, these loudspeakers aim to give you natural sound experience at the comfort of your home.

Nordic Tone Model 1 speakers are available in six different colors, black & silver, titanium, aquamarine, aluminium, racing green and grand piano.

Via: Audivation