Noontec Moviedock A6-Making Streaming Video Easier

Remember when I was talking about streaming media before, and how it’d never replace DVDs in the next five years without a whole set of moonshots?

Well, guess what?  We’ve got at least the start of a moonshot for point three, ease of use.  It’s the Noontec Moviedock A6, and it’s out to make streaming video a lot simpler to manage.  Start with a USB storage device or memory card and put it in the Moviedock, which you then connect to your television via either composite video or HDMI,  Conversely, you can also connect the Moviedock to your home network to stream content from your PC to your TV.

Some people have a problem dealing with the menu, and there are some mentions of the Moviedock getting really, REALLY hot on operation (like too hot to touch hot).  Neither of these is a really good sign, but it’s a start–getting the material to go from your PC to your TV is one of the biggest obstacles to streaming video, and the Moviedock may be part of the solution.