No More DVDs At Blockbuster Kiosks?

One of the worst things about renting movies is returning them.  And no matter where you rent your movies, unless you stream them, you’ve either got to take yourself to the mailbox or the video store in order to return your stuff and get new ones.  But Blockbuster has a new and interesting idea that will cut that pointless second step out of movie renting.

Now, you can take your SD card–the kind of thing you load into a camera for added memory–to a Blockbuster kiosk and download a movie to it.  Then, after a certain period has passed, the movie will be unwatchable as attached DRM software kicks in and digitally neuters it.

Chances are this is a move that’s too little too late for Blockbuster, who’s roundly getting its ass handed to it by Netflix and Redbox, but subscribers should at least find it convenient.  Hopefully this new measure of convenience will at least be enough to keep Blockbuster from further hemorraging subscribers.