Niro Spherical Surround System

Pamper your ears with a new spanking surround system recently manufactured by Niro. Aspiring to be at the top of the heap, the 5.1 ch spherical surround system features a subwoofer, bass speaker, top speaker, and an in-built amplifier. The bass speaker is equipped with three 90mm drivers, 30Wx3 output power with an impedance of 9?. While, the top speaker boasts of two 60mm drivers, packed with an impedance of 8?, and an output power of 30Wx2.

The remaining subwoofer comprises of a 200mm driver, provides 6? impedance and an output power of 50W. With these magnificent features, you have no option but to make a bevy of people listen to your collection of songs.

The spherical surround system is fully compatible with the Dolby Digital, DTS, AAC, and Dolby Pro Logic formats. It can be all yours in 600€ only.