Nippon Cigarette Case-sized Projector


Recently, Nippon Signal Co Ltd. exhibited its new SVGA compact color projector at Exhibition Micromachine/ MEMS. Featuring a small size like a cigarette case, this projector provides a superb resolution of 800 x 600. Prior to this, Nippon Signal brought a lunch size projector, but this time it has reduced the size to about 1/8.

Apart from the size reduction, Nippon Cigarette Case-Sized Projector offers an enhanced quality of displayed images. Nippon Signal designed the optical parts like the lenses for this projector with the cooperation of an optical device manufacturer. This new projector uses the semiconductor laser for the green laser light source.


Cigarette Case-sized projector incorporates two MEMS scanners that scan the laser light beam in the horizontal and vertical directions. Nippon Cigarette Case-sized projector will soon be available in the market at a very reasonable price.