Nintendo: Kids Under 6 Should Not Play with Nintendo 3DS

3D display technology has been gaining a ton of popularity as of late with everything from smartphones to televisions jumping on the bandwagon. However, one of the most hyped products that is set to feature a 3D screen is none other than the Nintendo 3DS. Thanks to its auto-stereoscopic display, the Nintendo 3DS is able to render a 3D image without the use of glasses making for a much more enjoyable experience.

However, if you’ve got a young one under 6 make note of this warning. Nintendo has come forth to say that the Nintendo 3DS is now intended for those under the age of 6 as it could pose a threat to their eyes. Hell, even those over 6 probably shouldn’t play the Nintendo 3DS for extended periods of time.

This may be a problem if/when movie studios push out 3D movies made for the Nintendo 3DS.

Anyone looking to pick one up?

via 3d-display-info