Nintendo Explains Why The Vitality Sensor Wasnt Shown At E3

For those of you were disappointed with the absence of Nintendo’s Vitality Sensor during E3, the company has finally issued an explanation concerning their decision not to show the new accessory. According to Nintendo’s Cammie Dunaway, there was too much going on and Nintendo already had a lot of stuff to unveil during the video game conference.

Apparently, the most of the company’s time was taken up with announcements, presentations and demonstrations of sequels to classic Nintendo titles such as Zelda, Metriod and Kid Icarus. Dunaway also said that the atmosphere of E3 was “noisy, adrenaline-filled, loud and stressful”, making it the wrong environment to present the Vitality Sensor, which is a device designed for relaxation.

An interesting explanation, indeed. However, those initially excited about early reports concerning the Vitality Sensor prior to E3 are still disappointed and I seriously doubt this explanation will bring them much comfort. Considering that E3 is the biggest video game event of the entire year, you’d think Nintendo would have brought the Vitality Sensor there to show it off to the world. But clearly, they felt more comfortable focusing their presentations on game sequels and the new 3DS to make themselves known in the midst of the hype about Microsoft’s Kinect and Sony’s Move.