Nintendo Currently Dominates Hardware Sales With 650K Units Sold

Today, Nintendo reports that it has sold about 400,000 Nintendo Wii and 254,000 Nintendo DS game consoles since last month. According to the NDP group, Nintendo is the dominant gaming hardware vendor in the U.S for the month of July. Furthermore, the majority of the company’s recent profits have been earned from title releases as such as Super Mario Galaxy2 (Wii), LEGO Harry Potter (Wii + DS), DRAGON QUEST IX (DS), New Super Mario Bros (Wii). All of these games also appeared on the top ten list for games that run on Nintendo gaming consoles. Despite the recent rise of motion control systems from Microsoft’s Kinect to Sony’s the Move, Nintendo is still the gaming world’s best seller, with its successful run involving the DS and legendary, ongoing game series like Mario and Zelda.