Nimbus Records Release New Series of DVD-Audio Titles

‘Surroundyourselfwith’ is the title of a new series of surround sound music discs from UK based Nimbus records. Each disc contains about 90 minutes of music in 3 audio formats: DVD-Video 2-channel PCM Ambisonic UHJ encoded, DVD-Video DTS 4.0 and DVD-Audio 4.0 MLP.

Nimbus Records has pioneered surround sound since 1972. All Nimbus recordings have been made using Ambisonics: a system we prefer because it can capture the acoustic quality of each hall and recreate it in a domestic environment with great fidelity. Now, DVD makes it possible to deliver Nimbus Surround Sound recordings to home listeners with standard equipment – all that is required is a DVD-Video player connected to a DTS-capable surround sound system, or a DVD-Audio player.

Further information on the technology used to create these discs and the repertoire for the first five titles, please visit the WYAStone web site (link below).

The DVDs are available in Europe now and will be launched in the US in February 2005.