NextWindow 1900 Series Optical Touch Screen

..NextWindow has recently announced 1900 Series, world’s first optical touch screen designed for OEM applications using displays from 12″ to 30″. The new display series feature a plug and play USB HID-compliant interface, or USB digitizer option to open up tablet functionality. Supporting Linux, Windows and Apple operating systems, 1900 Series Optical Touch Screen also comes loaded with multi-touch size recognition such as zooming, pen touch/eraser, dual touch, window re-sizing, and rotating objects; and Z-axis, gesture recognition with navigational flicks, and pen digitizer interface; including virtual keyboards and SimPress. Hey!! Isn’t it cool to know that it can be activated with one finger, gloved hand, or any other pointing device. “The 1900 sensor is fully HID compliant, plug-and-play, and powered using the USB interface,” said Anthony Uhrick, VP of Sales & Marketing for NextWindow, North America. “Because it’s optical, it’s fast, responsive, stylus independent, and without drift. It’s also simple to install, with no special gaskets or grounding issues,” Uhrick continued.

Via: Prweb