Next3D and TBS to bring 3D content into homes

Even though we are supposed to be in the middle of a 3D fad, it is amazing how little 3D content there is available now. The BBC isn’t really getting into it, and HBO is just starting with it.

It would appear that TBS is trying to get in on this 3D thing by partnering with Next3D, with the intention of “bringing live 3D events into homes by using current digital infrastructures”.

Next3D is a company that makes stereoscopic 3D content for anyone with 3DTV via satellite, broadband, or cable connections. The company says that it can cut data consumption by 75 percent, and it can significantly lower the amount of bandwith to bring 1080p content into its homes.

Unfortunately, this type of tech is still in testing at this time, and there also isn’t any word on what type of content will be shown. However, if you are in Las Vegas for NAB this month, you should be able to check it out for yourself.