Next Gen Ear Force X3 Wireless Xbox Headphones by Turtle Beach – A new name of repute for GenX Techie

.As a newly born baby in the hi-tech-market, Ear Force X3 will soon take the dream of any tech savvy buyer. This award –wining gaming headphone is making its statement with its capability to eradicate noisy disturbance of surrounding for the gamers by pumping online chat and game audio for delivering privacy and clarity in its competitive market. Ear Force X3’s self volume controlling capacity of amplified chat and game studio make the user enable to get best gaming experience of Microsoft® Xbox 360.

“We’ve had a phenomenal response from the gamers who’ve tried the X3s,” said Seth Dotterer, director of marketing for Turtle Beach. “The perfect fit for both the gamer seeking a better audio experience and the late-night gamer who wants a full audio experience without waking up the whole block – the X3s are a must-have accessory for any 360 gamer.”

Its other features like soft, cushioned, adjustable headband, deep ear pads and tilting ear cups for gamer’s comfort, Stereo Expander for wider sound field, Bass Boost producing rich bass tones with the enhancement of volume in low frequency, automatically adjustable incoming Xbox Live chat levels during loud game moments by Dynamic Talkback Expander, Automatic Shut-Off, Microphone Monitoring etc no doubt very unusual and awaited headphone for the cutting edge gaming market.

Via: Prweb Press