Next-Gen DVD Players More Affordable Next Year

Even though you did not get any HD or Blu-ray DVD player this year, do not lose hope. According to a new market report by Understanding & Solutions, the prices of these so-called next generation DVD players will significantly drop starting early next year.

Try to browse quickly at and you will notice that some HD DVD players are now selling at less than $200 while Blu-ray players are offered at less than $300. The good is this is just the beginning of better things to come. According to Understanding & Solutions’ Senior Technology Consultant, Bill Foster:

“Drive, chipset and other system components are now benefiting from economies of scale. In early 2008 we’re going to see the Bill of Materials for a basic High Definition player, in either format, weighing in at less than $150, and that’s going to impact the high street very soon, providing the consumer with a choice of low price players that allow CE companies a margin for profit.”

By 2011, the price of these players will be below $100, an indication of its strong penetration in the U.S. households. However, Foster predicts confusion among consumers will still exist. So, every retailer should strive to educate their customers.

Via NewsFactor