NewTech Superfast Portable HDD


If you are looking for a portable hard disk drive, your search ends here with NewTech superfast portable hard disk drives. The latest HDD features Oxford 934 bridge chipset to offer a USB2.0 storage solution by NewerTechnology. The drives are available in different storage capacities from 80GB up to 1TB.

Storage capacities as high as 1TB and 32MB of disk cache serve all purposes. The digital photography stores highest resolution images. The MP3 music libraries can store tenth of thousands of MP3s. One feature that makes it stand out in industry is the Audio/Video editing if your working file is big in size.

The high-speed back up is what makes it more reliable. Fulfilling the needs of all professionals, the amazing superfast portable 80GB HDD comes priced at $105 while the 1TB HDD is available for $280.

Via: TechFresh