New Watsons Opens Up-Cincinnatti Readers, Pay Attention

One of the biggest chain stores dealing exclusively in home entertainment (especially home theater) furnishings is Watsons.  They’ve got a whole lot of stores nationwide–checking their website makes me think they’ve actually missed a couple that I can think of–and they’ve just recently opened a new one in Cincinnatti.

If you’re near a Watsons you should be made aware that they’re running a grand opening sale, in which prices have been pretty drastically cut anywhere between twenty and seventy percent.  What’s more, the new one in Cincinnatti (and there may be others) has set up an Environs Home Theater display.

They’ll be offering up home theater furniture from Aspen Furniture and Silver Screen, among others, and I’ll tell you this, some of this stuff looks patently beautiful.

If you’ve been meaning to get some new chairs in your home theater, then you’re probably going to want to seize this opportunity to go out and load up.