New Technical Audio Devices Reference 1 Loudspeaker Delivers Professional Audio to the Home Entertainment Experience

Technical Audio Devices (TAD™) has recently announced new Reference One loudspeaker, the highly anticipated successor to its popular Model-1. Reference One delivers unparalleled sound performance. Reference One has a pair of proprietary 10-inch bass driver cones to deliver powerful bass performance.  The bass driver cone and dustcap are made from woven aramid fiber and carbon fiber sandwiching a foamed acrylic core designed to produce an extremely strong rigid diaphragm. The bass drivers procreate frequencies from below 25 Hz to 250 Hz with ease.

With the help of TAD’s ISO Drive technology Reference One loudspeaker mechanically isolates the CST driver from the main enclosure to reduce the vibrational energy that so often clouds midrange detail.  The Reference One has a unique internal cabinet construction and precious hardwood veneer that is hand-rubbed to a piano-grade gloss finish.  The speaker has a teardrop shape that minimizes resonances within the cabinet, while bass output is enhanced with the cabinet’s 330-pound mass. You can purchase Reference One Loudspeakers in spring 2007. There is no word regarding the price and you need to really rush to get your Reference One Loudspeaker as the stock would be limited.