New Solar-Powered 26-inch LCTV from Sharp

Sharp, world’s leading electronic maker, now plans to display its new Solar-Powered 26-inch LCTV at the next week’s Hokkaido Toyako Summit. Featuring a new triple-junction thin-film solar module technology that uses no scarce or toxic materials the latest TV offers a conversion efficiency of almost 10 percent.

The New-Solar-Powered 26-inch LCTV from Sharp is a solution that is capable of bringing television into off-the-grid areas. This new television incorporates technologies that have less environmental impact as compared to other traditional televisions. It uses less power and makes the best use of the solar panel, meaning it doesn’t consume fossil fuels or other electrical resources to operate.

Sharp is yet to announce the price and availability of its new Solar-Powered LCTV. However, you can definitely check this new advanced product at the Hokkaido Toyako Summit.

Via: Press