New Laser TV Sets Have Better Resolution Than HD

A company from California known as Prysm seems poised to spark a new age for the television set. They’ve developed TVs that have low energy usage, the capacity to display in a resolution that’s four times as powerful as regular HD and 3D capability too. This is made possible with a laser phosphor display, which allows the TV sets to bounce lasers off of phosphor pixels built into screens made of glass and plastic.

Furthermore, this technology was discovered by a man named Roger Hajjar five years ago and he’s been perfecting the laser phosphor display for Prysm since then. The laser TVs have screens with crispness of picture quality in large and little sizes and the company also plan to create their own jumbo-trons in Europe this July, which will come to home entertainment soon after.

As mentioned earlier, these laser sets have lower energy usage, consuming only a tenth of the power that runs a plasma screen since the lasers don’t require stimulation of the dark regions of the set. As a result, the laser phosphor display remains cool instead of emitting heat as it uses energy and the sets also use a processor to manage the laser, keeping its intensity under control. So, a image’s brightest parts in the display are hit with a high energy beam.

However, the laser TVs from Prysm aren’t thin-sized, so they’re likely to be wider and heavier than sets that we’re currently use to these days.