New Kodak Material Boosts OLED Flat-panel Performance

Recently, Eastman Kodak Company, a leader in organic light emitting diode technology, introduced a new OLED material to enable full color displays with amazing lifetimes. Utilizing the green dopant technology, the new trademarked KODAK OLED Material EK-GD403 will deliver a new level of OLED display performance along with greater reliability.

“The benefits of OLED technology are well-known and Kodak is working to extend those benefits and accelerate OLED adoption for numerous applications,” said Dr. James Buntaine, Chief Technical Officer and Vice President, Kodak OLED Systems. “In addition to display screens, Kodak’s new green dopant can be used to boost the efficiency of solid-state lighting applications and reinforces Kodak’s environmental stewardship by enabling future devices with lower power consumption and longer lives.”

Offering you a lifetime of up to 65,000 hours, the new KODAK Material will surely boost the overall OLED Flat Panel performance. As per market research from DisplaySearch, an NPD Group Company, OLED flat panel display industry will grow up to $17 billion per year by 2015.

Via: Kodak