New Ergonomic Motion Series From Smartfish

smartfishkeyboardSmartfish Technologies, the true innovator in the ever-growing electronic world, recently at the CEA Line Show exhibited couple of latest products, specifically designed for the computer users. Overwhelmed with the positive response of its consumers, Smartfish has started to expand its ergonomic line of products.

One of the company’s spokesmen said that these two SmartFish’s products are built on the concept that motion heals. These products has been developed in collaboration with the New York’s Hospital for Special Surgery, with an aim to avoid development of repetitive stress injuries as well as help users who are already suffering from them. However, these products are in no way any type of medical devices.

The PRO:Motion keyboard, one among the two products, comes integrated with parts that moves automatically in accordance with the user’s typing style. This device uses three separate axes driven by SmartFish’s proprietary Dynamic Positioning Controller. This keyboard is definitely going to make a difference. So, before your wrist start cursing you, go get one right away!

In addition, the company announced another product namely TRU:Motion Wireless Mouse at the Line Show that accommodates well to the user’s requirement. This product adapts the hand position and changing of the user, making mouse-using much easier.

The TRU:Motion Wireless Mouse is likely to be available by August 1 at an MSRP of $59 and the keyboard by August 31 for $149. For more information regarding these two products visit