New Blu-Ray Home Cinema Range From Sony

Sony is all set to launch its widest ever range of Blu-ray home cinema systems along with a range of seven new models, specially designed to suit each need of everyone.

The range of new home cinema system comprises of three all-in-one systems, namely BDV-E300, BDV-E800W and BDV-Z7. These full-performance systems comes in an ultra-compact form and are incorporated with features such as Full 1080p HD video, Virtual 7.1-channel, 1080p DVD upscaling and wireless rear speaker capability. The systems are as user friendly as they are breathtaking in performance.

Besides, four more models, that are BDV-360FS, BDV-360IS, HTP-BD36SS and HTP-BD36SF combine Sony’s superb BDP-S360 Blu-ray Disc player with surround sound systems to deliver style, simplicity and entertaining performance. For high-quality home cinema in a box, all the four systems come equipped with sleek amplification and speaker packages.

Via: Sony