New Audio Gear Released by Roxy & JBL

New audio gear from Roxy and JBL will be available in the market soon, all carrying a much anticipated quality delivery for sound technology that their brand carries. Among the expected products to be released include a new line of ear-bud, in-ear and over-the-ear headphones. The Reference 230, Reference 250 and Reference 430 come in blue/green and orange/pink.

The Reference 230 ear buds utilize a closed-back design that enables listeners to block outside noise while enjoying hours of comfort. The Reference 250 in-ear headphones’ semi-open-back design features an inline book-style microphone for answering phone calls with the push of a button.

The new audio peripherals are great for people who are looking for handy audio listening devices that don’t have to be a pain as far as carrying them is concerned. They are priced reasonably and will be available at the Roxy website as well as the standard retail stores nationwide.

“The JBL brand continues to reach music lovers of every generation while preserving its long heritage of bringing great sound to the music industry,” states Susan Paley, director of business development for JBL, Inc. “These headphones represent the beginning of a long commitment to creating products for young women who appreciate great style and sound.


  • Reference 230 ($19.95)
  • Reference 250 ($39.95)
  • Reference 430 ($69.95)

(Source) Press