New Artegra Multichannel SACD from Pete Whitman’s Xtet

Earlier today, Artegra Records announced the release of their latest Hybrid Layer Multichannel SACD. Artegra also announced that they are lowering the price of their SACD discs.

The new Artegra SACD release is entitled “Where’s When” by the Pete Whitman X-tet (Artegra ART 2005). Where’s When is a single inventory, Hybrid Layer Multichannel SACD. It is designed to play in SACD and CD players as well as SACD compatible DVD Video players. The SACD features Multichannel SACD, Stereo SACD and Stereo CD versions of the music on the album.

The “X-tet” is a jazz group that is made up of 3 saxes, 2 trumpets, trombone, vibes, piano, bass and drums. The group features these musicians:

  • Pete Whitman – Tenor Sax & Alto Flute
  • David Milne – Soprano Sax & Alto Sax
  • Dave Karr – Baritone Sax & Flute
  • Joe Cosgrove – Trumpet
  • Dave Jensen – Trumpet
  • Jeff Rinear – Trombone
  • Dave Hagedorn – Vibes & Percussion
  • Laura Caviani – Piano
  • Gordon Johnson – Bass
  • Phil Hey – Drums

Artegra describes the new SACD by saying that

“There are many unique and beautiful moments to discover in “Where’s When?” Recorded in DSD, this hybrid, multi-channel SACD captures the multi-layered and multi-hued jazz of Pete Whitman’s X-tet. Saxes, brass and vibes spin through the breaks in “Where’s When?.” Desert mirage chords shimmer under the tenor solo in “Points of View.” A hung-over marching band staggers through “Hmm…”

Album Selections

  1. Where’s When?
  2. Devil Dance
  3. Child’s Play
  4. In Your Own Sweet Way
  5. Epicycle
  6. Points of View
  7. Showers
  8. Hmm…
  9. Sweet Whisperer
  10. Star Eyes

Artegra Lowers SACD Pricing
In addition to the release of the new Pete Whitman X-tet SACD, Artegra Records announced today that they are lowering the price of their SACD discs from $19.99 to $16.99. According to Artegra, the new price is designed to “entice” audiophiles and music fans to purchase a few more of the discs in their SACD catalog. Sounds like a wise strategy here.

Upcoming Artegra SACDs
Artegra Records also provided me with news of several more SACD releases. They include a jazz SACD by vibe player Dave Hagedorn that’s due out in late June or July and three classical SACDs that should appear in July. These upcoming Artegra SACDs include:

  • Trumpet Works – Gary Bordner (Artegra ART 1010)
  • Julia Bogorad & Judith Stillman – Fantaisie for Flute & Piano (Artegra ART 1011)
  • Rosalyra Quartet – Shostakovich Quartets No. 2 & 8 (Artegra ART 1012)
  • Vignette – Dave Hagedorn (Artegra ART 2006)

The new Pete Whitman’s X-tet Hybrid Multichannel SACD is now available for purchase for $16.99 at the Artegra web site (see link below). It will also be available soon at retail stores and web sites such as Acoustic Sounds, Elusive Disc, Music Direct and Red Trumpet that carry the earlier SACDs released by Artegra Records.