New 192kHz PCM and DSD Solutions from Cirrus Logic [HFR]

AES 114: Cirrus Logic announced new digital-to-analogue converters and CODECs for both PCM and DSD high-resolution sources.

The first two new ICs are designed specifically for PCM signals and are pin-compatible with the products they replace. The CS4272 and CS4271 both support stereo signals at 24-bit and sample rates up to 192kHz.

According to Cirrus Logic: “These products give design engineers a cost-effective, high-performance solution for a wide variety of high-end audio applications such as multi-track recording systems, effects processors, digital mixing consoles, automotive audio systems, digital video recorders and other emerging digital entertainment markets.

The CS4272 and CS4271 integrate an analogue-to-digital converter (ADC) and a digital-to-analogue converter (DAC) into a single-chip solution, thereby providing cost-efficiency and system simplification as well as reduced space requirements in board designs. Because both chips share a common footprint, designers can interchange their designs with either solution to vary end-product performance, reduce development costs and accelerate time to market.

We had two objectives in mind when designing these new CODECs”, said Jason Rhode, director of marketing, Mixed Signal Products, Cirrus. “First was to develop the highest performing chips in the market with superior dynamic range and distortion characteristics. The second goal was to offer designers a simplified, cost-reduced solution that accelerates the product’s time to market. In accomplishing both goals, we believe we have positioned Cirrus to lead in this market category.

The CS4272 and CS4271 offer the highest analogue performance versus competing market solutions and provide excellent sound quality. The CS4272 delivers dynamic range of 114dB and -100dB THD+N for both the ADC and DAC. The CS4271 employs a single-ended input architecture versus the differential inputs employed by the CS4272, thus achieving 108dB dynamic range on the ADC while maintaining 114dB performance on the DAC. Both products are offered in a low-profile 28-pin TSSOP package, feature 24-bit conversion and support all standard audio sample rates up to 192kHz, making them DVD-Audio ready.

Both solutions operate from a 5V power supply and offer manufacturers the ultimate system flexibility with an on-chip oscillator, output volume control with soft ramp and zero crossing, selectable digital filter response and integrated level shifters for direct interface to logic levels from 2.5V to 5V. The CS4272 and CS4271 are currently in production. The CS4272 is priced at $5.57 in 10,000 quantities, and the CS4271 is priced at $4.87 in 10,000 quantities.

Also from Cirrus Logic comes a cost-effective digital-to-analogue converter that supports both DSD (from SACD) and PCM input signals.

An extensive feature set and unrivalled price/performance make the CS4398 an ideal solution for a variety of professional and consumer audio applications such as DVD players featuring Super Audio CD (SACD) and DVD-Audio support, digital mixing consoles, audio/video receivers, outboard converter systems and effects processors.

The CS4398 stereo DAC utilizes an advanced, proprietary multi-bit, Delta-Sigma modulator with integrated mismatch noise shaping technology to provide a closed-loop architecture, eliminating the need for dynamic element matching while ensuring premium sound quality by removing any potential audible artefacts. For SACD applications, the CS4398 includes a patent-pending Direct Stream Digital processor that includes a volume control engine that does not decimate the data stream, thereby maintaining the native sampling rate of 2.8224MHz and preserving the integrity of the SACD data format. Also included is an on-chip 50kHz filter that complies with recommendations in the SACD standards. Cirrus’ techniques for providing SACD volume control and filtering offer manufacturers the ability to add SACD at no additional cost in the analogue section of their products.

The CS4398 is ideally designed for high-end audio systems where overall superior quality and reduced systems costs are at a premium,” said Jason Rhode, director of Marketing, Mixed-Signal Products, Cirrus. “The CS4398 is the latest in a series of strong mixed-signal products from Cirrus Logic that positions us at the forefront of the industry in offering a wide portfolio of solutions that offer tremendous price and performance value.

The CS4398 provides transparent audio conversion, achieving 120dB dynamic range and 0.0005% THD+N. Support for 24-bit conversion, sample rates up to 192kHz (DVD-Audio) and DSD data (SACD) make the CS4398 ready for next-generation audio formats. Selectable digital filter response with extremely low-group delay, integrated level shifters for direct interface to logic levels from 1.8V to 5V, operation from a 5V power supply and a differential analogue output architecture are packaged in a low-profile 28-pin TSSOP package, making the CS4398 an ideal DAC for high-performance audio products. The CS4398 is currently in sample production and is priced at $4.32 in 10,000 quantities.