Neuros Link Open Source Media PC

Neuros "Link" Open Source Media PC


The Neuros “Link” Open Source Media PC is entirely open source and not locked into a single provider. By running Ubuntu Linux, the Link connects to your HDTV thru HDMI and is ready to stream 1080p video at your control. The Link works well with shows from NBC, Hulu, and most other streaming video sources. You could plug in an external hard drive loaded with DVD VOB files, AVI movies etc. and will play those directly.

Since Link has an MPlayer, VLC, Xine it will play almost any video format you bring its way. The Neuros link can work with audio applications too like Pandora and Last.FM to play music and it can also use photo sharing sites such as Picasa and Flickr. Since the Link has a totally open architecture you can modify it as you see fit. Retails for $299.99