Netflixs Streaming Consolation Prize

Well, folks, I know we’ve all got reason to feel sad about the recent Netflix announcement that 2010 would NOT be the year of 1080p streaming in their video releases, but they’ve got something that’s almost as good in the works.

Yes, your consolation prize is that you have to put up with 720p resolution…but you’ll hear it in 5.1 channel surround sound.

Much like winning a free television when you were supposed to win a car, this is a minor but pleasant surprise, even through the midst of disappointment.  Sure, we’re all disappointed that we can’t yet stream in high definition, but hey!  At least we’ll get pretty good sound out of it.  Not the BEST sound, no, but still pretty good sound.

So cheer up, Netflix users–there’s plenty to look forward to, and for right now, at least we’ve got pretty good sound and video quality!