Netflix To Get Six Million New Subscribers Thanks To Console Cuts

Six point TWO million, if you want to be exact about it.

See, there are some analysts who say that Netflix, pretty much the top dog when it comes to DVD by mail service, could net a whopping six million new subscribers thanks to the recent price cuts of the Xbox 360 and PS3 gaming systems.  We’ve been talking about how these systems work with Netflix for some time now, and the concept is a pretty sound one even if those numbers are, at this point, somewhat conjectural.

As we all well know, the economy is still pretty much like a big brimmin’ bowl of hot death, so when prices drop on home entertainment options that keep on giving, people are more likely to take advantage.  After all, you can only cut the fun budget so far before you start to go insane.  Anyway, the analysts say that people are more likely to take advantage of all the services these boxes offer, thus, more Netflix subscribers.

This will actually hurt Netflix’s short-term profits as there are increased costs of doing business to come with a nearly sixty percent rise in memberships (from 11.1 to 17.3 million), but soon, that cost will be overtaken by the massive new revenue stream.