Netflix Streaming Movies On TV

How can you watch Netflix streaming movies on your Home Theater set-up instead of your PC? Thanks to an ever-expanding array of technical options, it really isn’t that difficult. Netflix has teamed up with manufacturer Roku to offer a box that you connect to your HT system to route the streaming movies directly from your PC to your HT screen. You still have to choose the movies on the PC, but the device, which costs about $100, sends them to your Home Theater menu quickly and easily.

You can also access Neflix streaming movies through a TiVo box, or through an XBox 360 gaming cube. One downside—Microsoft will hit you for $50 to do this, but it is less expensive than the Netflix box if you already own an XBox 360. Finally, the BD300 Blu-ray DVD player offers five icons Netflix Streaming right on its main menu—no set up, no fuss, just choose that option and you’re good to go. The BD300 Blu-Ray DVD Player retails for around $333, so if you were about to go Blu-Ray anyway, you might want to choose the BD300 for its instant Netflix capability.