Netflix Secures House of Card Original Series – Debuting Late 2012

Netflix has made quite a name for itself as being the go to company when it comes to renting or streaming movies/TV shows. However, now that Netflix has effectively taken out competitors like Blockbuster they are setting their sights on actual broadcast channels.

News has just been made known that  Netflix has secured the exclusive rights to David Fincher’s latest television series House of Cards. According to reports, the television series will be produced by Media Right Capital for use with Netflix’ Instant Streaming service.

Of course, I wouldn’t be calling out of work in anticipation for the show as it isn’t set to drop until sometime towards the end of next year. But, what is important to take note is that Netflix is beginning to move away from just offering other peoples content and will actually be airing first run television series. The future should definitely be an interesting one.