Netflix Said to Be Testing New Stream Instantly Only Subscription Plans

It’s becoming increasingly harder to find a consumer that hasn’t acquired content digitally in one form or another. In fact, it seems that just about every consumer is switching towards digital distribution thanks to the delivery methods ease of use and element on convienence. While there are several different routes you can go down to acquire your content digitally, there is one video provider that really stands out about the rest.

Netflix has been around for quite some time running a mail-order DVD rental business that has proven itself to be highly successful. However, as of late their Stream Instantly service is gaining quite a bit of steam. If you couldn’t tell but its name, this service allows consumers to pick a video or television show and within seconds it will begin streaming. However, while Stream Instantly is quite popular, the only subscription plans that Netflix currently offers include mail-in DVDs. What if you don’t want these mail-in DVDs and would rather a full streaming experience?

Well, buzz has been circulating today that says Netflix has begun testing a brand new Stream Instantly only subscription. Reports are coming in that say Netflix is testing both the $7.99 and $8.99 price point so we’ll have to keep you posted on what is made official.

Would you settle with a Stream Instantly-only Netflix subscription?

via engadget