Netflix Now A Top Twenty Online Video Source

Netflix’s grand strategy of video streaming appears to be doing some good, because not only is it one of the biggest names in DVD, and quite possibly THE biggest in DVD by mail, it’s also one of the biggest in online video.

We all know how great it is to be able to hook our home theater systems up to an internet source and take advantage of the vast array of online video sources there are out there. Screw cable, more and more of us are saying, I’ll take my video straight off the web, commercial free!

And we all know how Netflix has been pushing to get more video on the web via its “watch instantly” campaigns–we’ve probably all seen those horrendous commercials featuring “The Wrightnows”.  But as of right now, Netflix is now the nineteenth largest source of streaming video online, just ahead of Break and just behind Justin.TV.

This gives Netflix a serious advantage, as it’s currently thrashing the DVD market but also poising for future success in the online streaming arena.