Netflix Inks Deal To Stream IFC Films

If you’re familiar with the upper end of most subscription cable services, you’ve probably encountered IFC Films, the Independent Film Channel.  It’s one of the few channels that apparently isn’t beholden to the FCC’s rampant film neutering laws, because every movie on that channel appears to air uncut.

And sometimes, they even put out some really impressive pieces, like Darkon.  I loved watching those LARPers run around the field like that…but anyway.  The news that means anything to you, folks, is that Netflix has announced a deal that allows them to stream fully fifty IFC films.

On the streamable list includes titles like The Thin Blue Line, Gates of Heaven, Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan’s debut Following, and “When Will I Be Loved.” Also included will be several foreign films, like Brothers and Gabrielle.

This is a pretty good move for Netflix, especially if they want to move into being the big provider of streaming video alongside Epix, who might just manage to kill Netflix off by cutting off a major supply of titles.