Netflix Increases Monthly Charges for Blu-ray by $1

You will now have to pay $1 more per month in order to access renting Blu-ray movies. Popular video rental firm Netflix has increased their charges by $1 more per month for the subscribers who’ve been getting their high-definition fix by renting Blu-ray disc through the service.

Users who are not interested in paying $1 more will have to manually remove Blu-ray access from their Netflix accounts. For others the new charges will take effect from November 5th.  

Though Netflix is offering more than 800 Blu-ray titles still for it and its competitors like Blockbuster the Blu-ray disc rental business hasn’t really taken off. Blu-ray is considered to be better than the HD DVD but still many consumers are being found happy with standard DVD movies. The constant high price of the Blu-ray players too is a reason for consumers disliking it.