Netflix gets a Kinect update…whoa!!!!

I seem to recall a lot of Netflix updates, and we have been reporting on Kinect hack after Kinect hack.

Fortunately, if you have an Xbox 360 and you have Netflix, then you will soon be able to surf through videos to rent without the use of the controller. However, you will have a Kinect.

The update is about 43 MB, and you can also sort selections using the voice. Selecting a “Browse All” brings the user back to the standard menu, and then being able to pause the movie by saying “Xbox” or “pause”. I believe that there are also other commands like fast forward, rewind, skip scene, and more.

This really makes me wish that I had a Kinect, or an Xbox 360, for that matter. I think the whole Netflix/Kinect relationship is a pretty good idea, honestly. However, will a move toward your popcorn translate as some sort of fast forward in the movie? That could ruin it.