Need Extra Room In Your DVR For Cheap?

Hey guys!  I got a DEAL for you–seems the crew out at Newegg is selling a Western Digital My DVR Expander WDG1S5000 500GB eSATA External Hard Drive for just under eighty bucks, with free shipping.

This sucker comes with five hundred gig of storage, which is about enough for about two hundred and fifty hours of video.  It’s also got an eSATA interface, and was designed especially to serve as an add-on for most DVRs.

So if you’re like me, and you find yourself butting up against your storage limit from taping one too many good movies or trying in vain to keep up with an entire season of, well, something or other, there’s a few good choices but one title here’s almost as good as the next, then you should be able to give your DVR lots more space for not a lot of money thanks to the crew out at Newegg and Western Digital.