NEC Remote Control is gesture-based

I have been seeing a lot of emphasis on gesture-based hardware. There was that Panasonic DMP-HV200 gesture-controlled TV and the Kicker Studio Gesture Control Entertainment System, for example.

Now, NEC has a new system which allows the user to control consumer electronics like home theaters by just tapping and arm.

It works with acceleration sensors that are worn on each wrist. Tapping an arm will let the user know which area of the arm will receive contact, and there are seven sections that correspond to a virtual input switch to operate a device.

I suppose then it is all about moving to advance a track, and then doing some other hand gesturing for pause and play. As far as I know, this gesture based remote will be compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled device, which is just about anything these days, right?

I’m not certain when this will be coming out, or what kind of price it will be.