NEC NP4001 Wide-Screen Projector

NEC Display Solutions of America, a leading stand-alone provider of projectors, LCD desktop and commercial large-screen LCDs and plasma displays, today introduced the NP4001, its first wide-screen single chip DLP projector targeting applications requiring higher brightness and extended use.T

he NP4001 is designed primarily for corporate, government and higher education facilities that require a powerfully projected image. With today’s rapidly growing trend of wide-screen notebook computers, the 4500 ANSI lumen, WXGA-native NP4001 delivers reliability to applications ranging from command and control centers to training facilities to lecture halls.

Its full line of operational lenses provide powered horizontal and vertical lens shift for easy exchange and flexible placement anywhere from 2.8 feet to 283 feet from the screen. And the NP4001’s single and dual lamp flexibility allows users to choose a light output that is right for the application while conserving lamp life to increase the value of the projector.

The NP4001 incorporates advanced video processing with BrilliantColor from Texas Instruments to deliver exceptional picture management control for both progressive and interlaced sources, while making images more vibrant, colors more realistic, and blacks richer with detail. At the same time, DynamicBlack monitors the incoming video content and dynamically adjusts the contrast ratio to optimize picture quality for each video frame. Additionally, the NP4001 features user-changeable color wheels with four segments for full brightness or optional six segments for superior color fidelity.

The NP4001 will begin shipping in October 2007 at a price of $5,999. The NP4001 comes standard with a two-year limited warranty, including the first year with InstaCare.