NEC NL6448BC18-01 & NL6448BC18-01 F LCD

The NEC liquid crystal technology corporation recently unveiled two new 26-inch wide LCD models NL6448BC18-01 and NL6448BC18-01 F Displays. The former model supports 400cd/m2 brightness while the latter one touts 800cd/m2 brightness.

The thin-shaped, light weight LCDs consumes less power and adopts white LED for the illuminant. The LCDs also feature 160 degree viewing angle, wondrous 18ms response time in addition to the resolution of 640×480 VGA and dynamic contrast ratio of 1000:1.

With these stunning features, one can surely expect stupendous picture quality with eye-popping clarity and brightness. For environmental concerns, even the harshest of weather conditions does not impair their quality. The NL6448BC18-01 would cost 30,000 Yen approximately whereas the NL6448BC18-01F model costs a bit more at retail price of 35,000 Yen.

Via: NEC