NEC NL12876BC26-25


NEC NL12876BC26-25 displays consume approximately 40% less electric power. The new displays adopt the white LED array of high luminous efficiency along with ST-NLT (Super-Transmissive Natural Light TFT). NEC NL12876BC26-25 features Amorphous silicon TFT active matrix Drive system, Picture size 334.08mm ? 200.45mm opposite angle 39cm (15.3 types), resolution Horizontality 1280 ? verticality 768, Pixel pitch Horizontal 0.261mm ? verticality 0.261mm, Display color 1,677 ten thousand colors, Brightness 400cd/m2 (typ.), Contrast ratio 500:1 (typ.), Angle of visibility range Upper 85°, lower 85°, right 85° and the left 85°, Speed of response 25ms (typ.) , Interface LVDS RGB each 8bit, External size 358.0mm (typ.) X 226.0mm (typ.) X 16.8mm (max.), Mass 1270g (typ.), Power supply voltage 3.3V and Electric power consumption 18 W (typ.) You will be able to purchase the LCD display at an expected price of 70,000 Yen, from late June.

Via: NEC