NEC NC2500S-A Digital Cinema Projector Launched

Expect the projector manufacturers to come up with new projectors to go with the times especially since it is the 3D generation. For its part, NEC has launched its latest projector, the NEC NC2500S-A digital cinema projector which allows 3D content to utilize the full 2K resolution of the 1.2” DMD from Texas Instruments using triple flash technology for smooth motion.

The battle today is how to provide the needed resolution required by 3D technology. Fortunately, NEC has taken everything in consideration, providing a better viewing experience for people who put premium in visual entertainment.

“We are pleased that Clearview’s legendary Ziegfeld Theatre will be one of the first theatres to install NEC’s new digital cinema projectors-which will debut in time for the opening of Disney’s latest 3D release, Up,” said Doug Oines, senior vice president and general manager for Clearview Cinemas.

(Source) Press