NEC Heart-Shaped TFT LCD Module


Say bye to rectangular LCD Displays. Not now, but soon. NEC LCD Technologies in conjunction with NEC Electronics America, Inc. has developed latest technology for TFT LCD panels. The new technology enables you to develop LCD modules in flexible shapes for use in different applications. New LCD applications can now be developed. Look at the heart shaped panel in the picture. It looks awesome.

The company has come up with LTPS color TFT LCD module with 40cm wide and 3.6cm high display. The heart shaped module offers a pixel pitch of 174 micrometres. Gate and data lines are arranged in special pixel array with minimal overlap among driver circuitry. The technology has made 20 mm bezel possible, thanks to simplification of interconnection scheme.

Non rectangular LCD shapes like circular, ellipses etc. are a big rage now. More complicated the shape is, thicker the bezel is and hence more consumption of power. The new technology developed can make use of non-rectangular shapes in mechanical instrument gauges like tachometers and speedometers, giving them a new look.

Via: NEC