NEC Display Solutions of America, one of the leading providers of LCD desktops and commercial large screen LCDs, plasma displays and projectors recently launched their new AccuSync GX and CX Series of wide – screen monitors. This series consist of three unique models, namely, 19-inch AccuSync LCD19WMGX, the 22-inch LCD22WMGX, and the 24-inch LCD24WMCX displays. Assure to get both speed and high performance with NEC AccuSync. AccuSync LCD22WMGX TV features 2000:1 dynamic contrast, super bright OptiClear Screen Technology through which you get rich color saturation and superb clarity and true to life contrasts.

Using Rapid Response Technology (5ms), LCD22WMCX delivers seamless video for gaming and streaming. Moreover this product from NEC enables you to interface with PCs, DVD Players and video-game consoles. Another great feature of LCD22WMCX is HDCP that lets you copy protect HD content. It works with Ambix Technology allowing you digital and analog compatibility with upgraded video cards and software. You get this product with a 3 – year warranty and 24/7 support from NEC. You also get No Touch Auto Adjust with LCD22WMCX that reduces set-up time and provides optimal image settings on initial power-on. EnergyStar 4.0® compliant LCD22WMCX can be yours with a shipment of $379.99 September onwards.

Via: Businesswire