NEC 50XC10 Plasma

.NEC 50XC10 Plasma, this hi-fi display solution has come equipped with different up-market and upgraded features in the market in order to rule over. Various mentionable features in NEC 50XC10 Plasma are like complete RS-232 input and output control providing easy set-up to control systems, removable top/bottom bezel creating an all-black cabinet to adapt to the ambiance of any room, comprehensive input panel incorporating HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) with HDCP input producing the latest in digital connectivity etc. To soothe the eyes of viewers, NEC 50XC10 Plasma is further enthralled with the market-boosting features like crystal clear video performance allowing for near flawless interpolation of moving images for a smoother picture with greater detail and deeper blacks and Imaging Science Foundation-certified calibration controls giving calibration settings for day and night viewing.

Via: Businesswire